Wednesday, December 14, 2011

self reflection ~~ (^_^)

Alhamdulillah...this semester that i started taking core courses...i feel very happy and thankful to Allah for letting me to take this subject...i've learned a lot through out this semester..

Madam Lihanna has taught me a i've learned how to treat my little sister n little brother accordingly..and also i've learned how to reinforce little children on doing something good..

and THE BEST PART IS.....i've learned how to train pets to go through maze!!! hohoho..i felt very excited and happy when our hamster learned to go through the maze successfully just after few days of trial, maybe because we reinforce and at the same time giving punishment....hence, make it successful...ALHAMDULILLAH.

and for the memorization part, it makes me know how to appreciate more my's not just for us to memorize songs what so ever.....but it is our duty to memorize AL-QUR'AN as it can save us in the day of Judgement...hence, i really2 appreciate mdm Lihanna's initiative to make us memorize those 2 surahs....thank you madam!!

that's all from me....Madam, please pray for us so that we can succeed in our future life, insha Allah.. :)

alhamdulillah...finished memorized surah al-mulk

alhamdulillah...thank you Ya Allah for helping me in memorizing this surah..
hope that i can keep it in my memory till the end of my life insha Allah

Thursday, December 1, 2011


alhamdulillah.. now i've memorized surah AL-MULK from verse 1 till 26...4 verses to go!! insha Allah i can do it!! :)

~~~~btw, just want to share what i did for my memorization..

1stly: NIYYAH....our intention must be really good (which is for Allah swt). This is because Allah swt will make it easy for us if we do it just because of HIM.

2ndly:i make it as a HABIT to memorize that our memory will be prepared to encode anything that we want.

3rdly:i'll recite it to somebody on consistent basis..usually i'll ask my lil sister to check me, and corrrect my TAJWEED..because she has memorized alot...more than's ok...i'll take my time to memorize other surahs..insha Allah..

that's all that i can share for now...hope that we can try like this too...and don't forget to make DUA'A so that Allah swt will make it easy for us... (^_^)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

more to go....

Thanks to Allah swt for making my hafazan easier from time to time..
now, i've memorized 1-19 verses for surah al-mulk.....
but still now..i'm still reviewing and still do the revision for suraah yassin....
hope that i'll be able to finish my hafazan on time..

~Ya Allah, please give me Your Guidance, and please reward me for my deeds.. :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


tasyakkur(thanks in turkish) Ya Allah...
now i've memorized 1-12 verses from surah al-mulk..
but need to do a lot of repetition..need to rehearse many times of the verses(maintenance rehearsal )..
so that it will be store in my mind till the end...insha Allah.. :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

thanks Ya Allah...

alhamdulillah...just memorized verse 1-6 for surah al-mulk......
the quality is the priority rather than the quantity...long to go..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

done with suraah next! :)


alhamdulillah..i feel very happy that i will never forget..11.11.11..i've memorised surah Yaasiinn completely.... i can focus more on suraah al-mulk..hope that i can finish by this week..just need to be focused!! that's all...insha Allah...i can do it!! ~basya!!! :)